Amazon’s new Kindle Challenge program lets you earn money towards free eBooks

Amazon has launched a new program for Kindle users, with an aim to encourage reading. The new Kindle Challenge program lets users engage in quests and earn badges for completing them. Users who earn at least four diamond-shaped badges can get $5 in eBook credit, which be automatically applied to their next eBook purchase.

Source: GoodEReader

Unfortunately, however, the Kindle Challenge program is currently available to users on an invite-only basis. As per the folks at GoodEReader, eligible participants would have already received an email invitation. In case you haven’t received an email invitation from Amazon, you can check your eligibility by logging in to your Kindle profile.

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To get the $5 free credit, you’ll have to earn at least four diamond-shaped badges between January 1 and January 31. You can borrow an eBook from Prime Reading and set a reading goal in the Kindle app to make it easier to earn badges. Once you achieve four diamond-shaped badges, you can expect the $5 eBook credit to be added to your account by February 15, 2021.

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