Best Shooter of 2020 | N4G

VGChartz’s Chinh Tran: “Shooters at one point had a reputation of being too similar, with little to differentiate them from one another. While this fact may have held some merit in the past, 2020 proved that shooters have evolved – and found success – by embracing what sets them apart.

Activision successfully launched a pair of Call of Duty games which helped the series break its own records yet again. Warzone took battle royales to new heights, while Black Ops Cold War continued the series’ consistent output. Id Software’s Doom Eternal took the 2016 reboot’s strong foundation and injected it with even more demon slaying adrenaline. And Valve finally delivered the next game in the Half-Life series, while leveraging some of the best VR implementation seen so far, with Half-Life: Alyx.”

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