Bose’s new earbuds sit… above your gaping sound holes?

Ahh, the wild world of earbuds. Just when you think we’re all on the same page and agree the headphones should go in your ears, Bose comes along and makes a pair that… sits above them? This really is too much for this time of year.

Anyway, they’re called the Sport Open Earbuds and are a pair of wireless, uh, earbuds, designed for, um, sport. And they’re open.

What this actually means is Bose‘s new earbuds dispense with the rubber tip you normally find on these devices. Instead, the Sport Open Earbuds use a “contoured earhook” that grasp your sound flaps’ outer ridge. According to the company, this is all achieved with “virtually no skin contact.”

Sounds a lot like life during lockdown.