Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Refutes Development Rumors

CD Projekt Red took to Twitter to refute a post created by an alleged anonymous Cyberpunk 2077 developer. The post in question received a lot of attention on Cyberpunk 2077’s Reddit page, but was originally sourced from GameSpot’s sister site GameFAQs.

The post contained a lot of rumors, from update schedules to descriptions of what content was cut. It alleged that Cyberpunk 2077 would possibly receive a “No Man’s Sky style comeback,” and that the redone Cyberpunk 2077 would be finished in June 2021 with a “good chunk of code…getting scrapped and rewritten from scratch.” June’s update supposedly would sort out all the bugs found on all versions, and would bring back a lot of cut content.

Elaborating on the cut content, the writer told players that if they “see that you guys are asking for s*** to be put back into the game, we might actually make the game we intended back in 2018.” The writer alleged that there was a huge underground area that looked like “Malkavian/Nosferatu path on Vampire the Masquerade,” and stated that apartments with “Closed (locked) indications used to be lootable.”

The post also alleged censorship responsible for cutting more “edgy” scenes, like drug use with kids and priests and Hare Krishna side arcs. The writer expressed disappointment in the game’s version of Johnny and stated that the original Johnny took inspiration from David Hayter’s Solid Snake from the first Metal Gear Solid, as well as actor Cillian Murphy.

As for the real and confirmed update schedule, CD Projekt Red plans to release two big Cyberpunk 2077 patches, one each in January and February. In the meantime, the devs have released smaller patches like Patch 1.06 that removed the save-file limite on PC.

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