Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 PS4 Returns To Some PSN Storefronts After Delisting In 2018

CrimsonWing6910m ago(Edited 8m ago)

It would be nice if the publishers could make an announcement when they’re about to delist a game so people that want it can have a last chance to get it. This is one of my biggest issues with digital media. Really fantastic to have things just taken down without any notice.

I purchased Silent Hill via the PSN store and that’s been taken down and I can’t even redownload it. Same with Castlevania Chronicles. Bought it and can’t redownload it so it’s gone. There’s also cases like a Digimon RPG and even the original version of Dragon Quest XI no longer available. Seems like you can only get the Switch definitive version of Dragon Quest XI which has downgraded graphics.

All that needs to be down is these publishers make some kind of public announcement on what is geting delisted and be transparent on whether we can still download them once their delisted so we know whether to keep them on a drive. Super annoying.

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