Microsoft calls for Xbox drifting lawsuit to be taken out of court

Knightofelemia7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

Nintendo is arguing that Switch Joy-Con drift “isn’t a real problem or hasn’t caused anyone any inconvenience”, according to US law firm CSK&D, which is working to pursue a class action lawsuit through the arbitration process.

Um yes it does cause an incovenience I played Breath of the Wild with a Switch Pro Controller I put the controller down thumb sticks up and Link walks by himself you telling me its the wind in game moving Link around. Or is it a ghost who haunts my house simply wanted to try out Breath of the Wild. Shitty part is I bought a new Xb1 controller got joystick drift three months after getting the controller Microsoft gave me a new controller. Nintendo wants $40 to ship the controller to them to get it fixed so I traded the controller in.

You design the friggin thing, you built the friggin thing, you knew there were flaws but you sent it out the door. You don’t want to take responsibility and admit you f*cked up you would rather sweep it under the rug and hope it disappears. I am glad these court cases are happening if this is what it takes to make you admit you f*cked up then let it continue. I hate it when companies won’t own up and admit we f*cked up and I really hate it when a company no matter who it is makes it sound like it’s your own fault that things have happened.

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