Naughty Dog’s Favorite Games of 2020

LucasRuinedChildhood4m ago(Edited 1m ago)

Feel bad for Druckmann. If you look under the comment section of any video he’s featured in you’ll see some truly vile shit, and the fact that he wrote and co-directed TLOU1 and Uncharted 4 is ignored by people who supposedly loved those games to attack him.

Most of this melodrama is objectively TheQuartering’s fault (Foxtrot can scream for mentioning him, don’t care). Unfortunately, that grifter loves getting his audience to harass people. He got kicked out of the Magic The Gathering community for using his audience to harass a cosplayer as well, and tried to publish an article on an openly white supremacist website (it has a countdown to white Americans being a minority on the main page) falsely claiming that someone was a pedophile – he clearly has mental issues.

I recently discovered that Neil reached out and made a nice comment saying that he hoped TheQuartering was okay after his dog passed, and then TheQuartering just ignored it so he could continue making his crazy videos. His and similar channels’ influence is not for the games industry

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