Nintendo Switch Had More Sales in the UK Last Year Than Every PlayStation and Xbox Combined

utopiancat23m ago(Edited 22m ago)

“Not sure why you’re trying to deflect from the switch doing incredibly well.”

Huh? No, I’m not.

I actually point out the importance of aligned launch as a measurement of comparison.

I’m not making a judgment about the consoles at all, not in the least. I am discussing the way the information is being presented.

And I never said that Switch isn’t outselling PS4 or xbox. It is, absolutely. But please take care to note that this article is discussing *only* last year and pointing out that Switch outsold four other console SKU’s. Which again I didn’t even dispute, I’m sure that what they presented is true. All I did was explain why it’s true and why it’s not that important statistically for judging over all success. (which isn’t saying Switch isn’t successful it is obviously)

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