January 22, 2021

TCL plans on putting out a Google TV this year

Prolific television maker TCL has announced that it will be selling its first Google TV within the year. The set would be the first with the new UI and join a fleet of Roku TVs and low-end Android TVs in the portfolio.

Neither the company nor Google in a recorded statement released details about the panel itself and were vague about the release timeline for “TCL’s very first Google TV” save for mentions of “later in 2021.”

Google TV is in the middle of a soft launch as it seeks reach with more OEMs throughout the year in addition to upgrading existing Android TVs where capable. It’s also available to those outside the ecosystem through the new Chromecast with Google TV. The company hopes to establish the software as a central hub for viewers to disseminate content and to seek streaming options though Netflix, an initial integration partner, seems to have bowed out of Google TV for the most part.

As of press time, TCL did not make additional details about the product on its corporate media.

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