Watch this unboxing of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro before it launches

Samsung is unveiling a new slate of devices next week, including the Galaxy S21, the Galaxy Buds Pro, and possibly a Galaxy Smart Tag tracker. A YouTuber has pre-empted the launch of the upcoming device, unpacking the earbuds in a video showcasing everything before the Unpacked event.

YouTuber Digital Slang purchased the device via a Facebook seller, spending over 24-hours with it and sharing his first impressions.

From the video,Digital Slang found the sound, the ANC, and the battery life of the earbuds impressive. He also enjoyed the touch controls, noting that they were sensitive and easy to use. He also praised the customizability of the aural experience one could find with the Samsung Wearable app.

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He noted the new transparency mode that allowed you to hear the outside world while still listening to music, though he found it wasn’t as good as the AirPods Pro. Of course, it’s just a hands-on from someone who had over 14 hours with it, so it’s worth being watched with that fact in mind.

That said, Samsung has made really good sounding earbuds before. We’ve reviewed the Buds Plus and Buds Live favorably, so we can expect the Buds Pro to be at least as good as those.

As noted already, Samsung is set to launch the Buds Pro alongside the S21 at a virtual Unpacked event next week, so we don’t have too long to wait.

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