Xbox Game Pass Will Remove Four Games In January 2021

Deathdeliverer1h ago

Dang. This is the bad thing about gamepass. (and any rental service) I play Tekken 7 on PS5/4. I get my series X and start rampage on the unsuspecting souls thanks to gamepass. Now those days are over because I’m NOT buying it again. I wish it was like a GameFly type of deal. Limit the amount of games you can have downloaded at any one time and as long as you keep the subscription you can keep that game as one of your 5 or 10 game download limit, even if it’s off the list. If you remove it and it’s off the list, you obviously can’t redownload. It would eliminate that whole “damn i gotta rush” feeling I suddenly have when thinking of “yes your highness, Star Wars Jedi, and planet Coaster”. I have too many systems and games to play to be rushed on any of them.

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