Xbox: The Oral History of an American Video Game Empire

ApocalypseShadow1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Excellent. You saw it how I usually see it: PUFF PIECE.

They glamorize Microsoft’s entry into the console business. Where they tried to BUY up all the major players like Nintendo, EA and Square. Not through effort, but by their usual mo: attempt at monopoly. Throw money around. Keep games off of PlayStation or kill competition like EA used to do.

To this day, they still put in less effort but throw money around like the Zenimax purchase. Which was a reaction to Sony buying Insomniac. A company that always worked on PlayStation anyway. Compared to a company that was multiplatform. Again, to keep games away from PlayStation. Now it’s profiting off of PlayStation if the games stay there. Just like they tried to profit off of Sony’s lawsuit with Immersion over rumble. Same company that gave Sony Dual Sense tech. A true next gen controller and a middle finger back at Microsoft.

Don’t forget folks. First console in history, in 4 decades, with no launch games. But they’re a TRILLION dollar company.

**BLACKLEY It’s a really honest product, and the reason it still resonates is because it stayed honest.**

Who is he trying to fool with this comment? Power of the cloud? “High fidelity VR?” Scratched discs and RROD were gamer’s fault? The word “EXCLUSIVE?”


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